“My son loved the camp so much that he begged me to sign him up for Session 2!  He said he learned more in 1 week at your camp then he did anywhere else.  He loved working 1:1 with the coaches and learning the different techniques.  Every night he would practice his moves at home until he mastered them.  Your coaches are very professional and provided a positive experience for both of my boys.  We can't say enough great things about Keystone Soccer Camp!  We are looking forward to next year!”  - Jennifer

“It's his favorite soccer camp!  He loves the format and the amazing and knowledge camp staff!”  -Nicole

“Great job! Excellent knowledgeable staff! And you have a great facility. That turf is world class. Everyone made my daughter’s week a great experience. ”- Matt

“My son got MVP and was treated so great by his coaches.  I loved the enthusiasm that I saw from all of the staff.” -Kelly

“Both of my kids had an awesome week at camp.  My son wanted to do another week and can't wait to return next year!” – Kelly

“All three of my boys have attended Keystone Soccer Camp and it continues to exceed my expectations! The coaches are fabulous. They keep the kids entertained and challenged all week. The boys look forward to it each year.” –Tracy

“The best camp my child has ever been to!” –Sage

“The coaches really seemed to enjoy what they were doing and that made all the difference. Can't wait to go back next year.” – Korrie

“The program is well organized, instructional, and fun!”

“My daughter learned so much about the game of soccer and she really bonded with the camp counselors who seemed so enthusiastic and happy to be with the kids!” –Amy

“Coaches, keep doing what you're doing.  This was my daughter's 2nd year @ camp & she really loved the experience.” -Greg

“The camp was awesome, I'm definitely doing it next summer and I want to do both weeks this time!” – Jessica

“The coaches had amazing personalities, cared about the kids, and were the best part about the camp. They fostered a fun environment that was safe and still taught soccer skills at a great facility” –Andrew

“Camp was not only fun but full of opportunities to build skill and character. Coaches did a good job of building relationships and giving feedback, and the week was well run with good communication to keep things running smoothly each day.”

“My children came home with huge grins on their faces and had so much to share about their day at camp. They can NOT wait to come back again, next summer!”

“Great camp, my son had a wonderful time and plans to return next year.”

She loved every minute of every day that she was there, so you did a great job as always!” -Amy

“This camp is one of the highlights of our daughter's summer!  She counts the days down until that first day when she hits that artificial turf.  She loves the coaching staff and all the interaction she receives from them while being taught how to improve her shooting, passing, dribbling, attacking and defending skills.  She is already looking forward to attending the camp next summer!” -Amy

“A great camp where you have fun and improve your skills. The coaches are great and they care about developing everyone - regardless of their skill level!” –Sean

“The camp provided a great experience for him; he felt included in all events and had wonderful encouragement during the week. He was so proud to show everyone at home his Certificates of Accomplishments. Thanks again!” -Kim

“My son liked everything about camp! He would come home and work on what he learned.” -Dana

“My son would get giddy upon pulling into Keystone campus by day 3. He really loved the games, so much so that he didn't think he was learning new skills through these fun exercises.” -Molly

“Coaches are amazing and my daughter comes home excited to show us all of her new moves!! Keep up the great work coaches!!!”

“My son was grateful for his time there, thanks for all the effort. The time and energy spent on organization for the camp was appreciated as was your investment in my son.” – Karis

“The price was very reasonable. We had two of our daughters attend so thank you for keeping it affordable.”

“We enjoyed that those campers that stood out were recognized with awards and we especially appreciated the attention given to the campers that showed respect, good work ethic, and being good to others.  Great job by everyone!”  - Jennifer P.

“Keep up the great work !!! You are making kids and parents happy!!”

“This camp was perfect!!!” -Jacqui

“We were very happy with the experience and I will sign my daughter up again next year.” -Maureen

“You guys do an excellent job of making drills fun and the kids are excited to return daily!”  -Colleen

“Really liked the feedback given at the end as far as strengths and areas to work on”

“So glad we signed up!” – Ariana  

“The coaches are energetic and fun while still making sure the campers push themselves and improve throughout the week. My son loves it!” - Laurie

"My child has been to Keystone Camp for 2 years now and has loved it. I always look forward to the car ride after pick up each day, where he fills me in on all that he did. I get the run down on what they practiced, what his coaches did that was fun or challenging, what friends he was making, what good food he had for lunch, and whatever else stuck out to him about the day. Each morning, he may say he is sore but he is excited about what the day holds and makes sure we aren't late to the fun."  

"The coaches are great, it's fun, you learn new things, make new friends and it makes you a better soccer player! As a parent, I felt that my kids were in good hands. Every day they learned something new and had fun doing it! The staff was excellent, knowledgeable and professional.” –Stacey

“The camp provided instruction in a fun exciting format with games and activities.”

“Great camp with energetic and talented coaches that motivate and challenge the kids while promoting teamwork and individual skill strengthening.”

“My son loved everything about camp. He was thrilled to learn how to dribble the ball properly. He loved his coaches too!” -Allison

“This is my favorite camp all summer!”

“Both of my sons love soccer however my youngest seems to have a drive to succeed further with his soccer career and this camp really brought out that drive to improve his skills.  After camp was over he continues to practice every night in the backyard and works on the skills that he learned.  Both boys loved all the coaches and learned a great deal of information that they can carry on throughout their seasons.”   

“Yes, I feel that Keystone College Soccer Camp provided an excellent learning experience and was well run and well organized.”

“My twins found Keystone College's soccer camp both challenging and fun.  They love the interaction with the coaches as well as meeting other players from different schools.”

“My daughter had a wonderful time, learned so much, & made new friends! Great experience all together!”

“Keystone Soccer camp provided an environment to promote skill development while also having a great time. Though the weather was HOT and the training was intense... my child was excited to go back every morning!” -Sean

“The coaching staff was great, they made learning so much fun!!” -Bobbiann

“Amazing coaching, non-stop fun and learning. Great college setting for giving younger kids an intro into campus life and soccer.”

“My son really enjoyed the camp. He felt like he learned a lot. He was given individual attention when needed. He’s coming back again next year!”

“Well organized camp. Staff is kind, friendly and knowledgeable.” -Maureen

“My child came home every single day feeling positive and excited!”

“This camp has achieved creating a program that instills passion , teamwork , commitment , and the importance of behavior and respect, all while training our kids the game they enjoy playing so much . BRAVO KEYSTONE !!!”

“All the coaches really treat each camper like royalty. It’s a camp where you realize the coaches WANT to be there. This was her 2nd year and you’ll be seeing here until she’s too old to attend. She wants to be a coach there someday! Thank you!”

“Both of my sons thoroughly enjoyed the week spent at camp. They picked up new skills and worked on improving older skills and the feedback at the end of the camp was invaluable!” -Jenn

“Our son is 6 years old and Keystone's Soccer Camp was the first camp he had ever attended. All of the coaches were super welcoming and made his experience great! His skills got better and he made new friends! He loved it so much we signed him up for week 2!” -Colin

“My son attended the camp for the first time this year for the full day session. He had the opportunity to play games, complete drills, and engage in scrimmages. He met and talked with players of all age groups and from different schools. He felt his skills improved. He also received an evaluation with helpful advice and notes. He enjoyed the entire experience. He said that next year he will be sure to go back. In fact, he’d like to attend both sessions.” -Melissa

“This camp is both challenging and fun. The kids’ skills grow by leaps and bounds while they have an amazing time with some really fun and talented coaches!”

“The camp was an absolute joy for my children! They learned but also had lots of fun.” -Frank

“We continue to be impressed with the quality of coaching and the quality of training that our daughter receives at camp. Six years ago, before we started local travel, we began bringing her to Keystone. Every year we have noticed growth and development in her skills and confidence. This year, she will be beginning her freshman year on the high school soccer team. Her passion for the game and her confidence are a direct result of the training that she has received at this camp.”

“This was my sons first year and he absolutely loved the experience! We will definitely be returning!” –Ashley

“Such a great camp and an excellent experience for kids to lean and improve their soccer skills. Camp staff is amazing and make it an overall wonderful experience. We are looking forwards to next year!!” -Beth

“The coaching staff is what draws me in as parent/coach but all three of my kids absolutely love the coaches. They put fun first which I think keeps kids coming back for more year after year. At the same time they make it competitive and allows all the kids to be challenged in some way or another to improve on their individual game.” – Travis

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